Hi, I’m Alvin.

I’m an Australian resident, and was born and raised in Singapore. I spent much of my twenties in Melbourne and Sydney where I studied, worked, and started my own e-commerce business. I moved back to Singapore in 2016 for family and to further develop my career in Asia.

I am an employer branding and recruitment marketing specialist in Singapore, leading and delivering digital transformation, digital strategy, research and technology consulting projects.

In my life, I have been lucky enough to have worked as a bicycle mechanic, photojournalist, web developer, management accountant, business analyst and as an entrepreneur founded an e-commerce business.

This space is intended as a personal project of creative expression and a unique platform for me to engage with my interests and pursuits outside of work. I believe it will evolve over time!

I am kept busy by my day job leading Global Talent Attraction at Dyson, but in my free time, I do enjoy playing the bass guitar, learning new programming languages, reading academic (mainly macroeconomics and geopolitics) journals and cooking. A previous iteration of me enjoyed riding and racing bicycles. I do that a lot less now in car-crazy Singapore.

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